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Are you prepared to handle an unexpected HVAC emergency if it were to occur in the middle of winter? You may not think it necessary, but if you suddenly find yourself in a prolonged power outage or you are randomly experiencing issues with your furnace, having an emergency backup plan will prove invaluable for you and your household. So, without further ago, don’t delay any further. Be proactive and prepare now with these tips and tricks from Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating

What Can You Do to Retain Heat in Your Home During Harsh Weather Conditions? 

Windows: Cold drafts seeping in by way of your house’s windows can quickly lower the temperature in your home. So, bear in mind that during especially cold weather conditions, keeping curtains and blinds closed during cold weather to reduce heat loss can aid in providing a little further insulation inside your home. 

Indoor Vents: Keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape by making sure that all interior vents are free from obstruction. Furthermore, you should avoid placing furniture or other items near or in front of vents to ensure optimal airflow. 

Outdoor Vents: Next, we also suggest monitoring your house’s exterior vents during snowy weather. This is because snow and ice can easily block exterior vents, leading to poor performance. Therefore, you should clear any accumulation from the vent surface as soon as possible to ensure proper ventilation efficiency of your HVAC system. 

Gas Meter: Wintertime shoveling and vent inspections are important for the upkeep of your home, but don’t forget to check your gas meter too. Clear any snow or ice from its surface to avoid potential headaches. 

What Steps Can You Take to Prepare Your Home for HVAC Emergencies? 

Extra Blankets: If you’re like many other people, you might have a good number of extra blankets that do not get frequently used in your home. One good idea you can try is to store those extra blankets in an easily accessible container or basket for HVAC emergencies – that way, they are neatly tucked away out of sight and out of mine but still easily accessible for you to grab in your time of need. 

Windows: You can also use those extra blankets to help insulate windows. Do this by covering your windows with towels or blankets to aid in keeping the warmth in your home during outages or furnace malfunctions. 

Doors: Limit the number of times you open external doors to reduce the amount of cold air entering your home while keeping the remaining heat inside. If you are waiting for the power to come back on or for professional assistance to arrive, this simple trick can help to keep what warm air you have left inside your home a bit longer. 

Generator: If this is an option for you, investing in a reliable backup generator to ensure that you have power during unexpected outages is always a good idea. It will provide a great sense of security, knowing that you have a backup means of power in case anything goes awry. 

Portable Heater: Having a couple of portable heaters on hand can be a lifesaver during an emergency power outage. The good news is that you can choose from a variety of designs to fit your budget and needs. Just be sure you don’t leave them unattended for long periods. 

Fireplace: If you are the lucky owner of a fireplace, keeping an emergency stockpile of firewood, lighters, and matches in supply is highly recommended. In the event of an HVAC emergency, you will be grateful you kept an ample supply on hand. 

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