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When the temperature climbs, a malfunctioning air conditioner can turn into a pretty serious problem. At Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating, we want to help you avoid AC issues at all costs, which is why we offer preventative air conditioning tune-up programs in order to ensure that your interior comfort remains consistent throughout the hot Ohio summers.What’s worse than realizing your AC is broken on the first hot day of the year? If you think your air conditioning doesn’t require maintenance, think again. Protect your investment by scheduling regular maintenance for your system.

Air Conditioners that go through regular maintenance last 40 percent longer than those that don’t. Call today if you’re ready to have a seasoned technician come to your home.

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What Happens During a Maintenance Appointment?

As part of any A/C service call, our highly-trained technicians will inspect your air filter to determine if it’s dirty or clogged up. If there is enough dirt or dust on your air filter, it will hinder airflow. Our technicians typically either clean your air filter or replace it if needed. They can also inspect your ductwork.

Air conditioner inspections typically include inspection of the motor, your blower, your drain lines, your coils, your operating pressures and temperatures, your return and supply lines, your refrigerant levels, and your connections.

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4 Signs Reasons Why You Should Maintenance Your A/C

Whether your A/C is malfunctioning, or if it’s not running like it used to, or if you suspect it is close to the time for a replacement, Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating is here for all your HVAC needs, from standard preventative maintenance to new system installation. Below are just a few prevalent reasons why an A/C system needs standard maintenance:

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Poor Airflow

A clogged air filter. This is the most common cause of weak AC airflow. If your filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it needs to be changed. You can use a vacuum or compressed air to remove debris from the filter. It’s important that you change your filter regularly—at least every three months—to keep your AC unit running efficiently.

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Hot and Cold Spots In the House

A hot or cold spot in the house is typically caused by an airflow problem. Either one room is getting too much airflow, another room is not getting enough airflow, or both. The inconsistency between rooms ends up resulting in noticeably different temperatures between the rooms.

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High Energy/Utility Bills

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioner, it might be time for a tune-up. Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, but inefficient ones will cause high electric bills. Dirty filters, duct leaks, failing parts (motors, capacitors, etc.), low refrigerant and lack of maintenance can all cause this problem.

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Blower Fan Continuously Running

If a fan doesn’t turn off when it should, there could be several reasons for this. For example, there may be a faulty thermostat or bad wiring. These problems are not easy DIY repairs and should be left to an HVAC professional.

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Commonly Asked A/C Questions

Should I turn my AC off when I'm not home?
It’s better to leave it at a higher average temperature while you are gone daily. If you turn the system off, the system works harder when turned back on. It also will take the system a long time to reach the desired temperature. Thus, putting more strain on the unit.
What's the perfect temperature?
The idea is to stay within about 15 degrees of the outdoor air temperature. Many HVAC specialists recommend keeping the thermostat at or near 78 degrees while home. If the temperature is in the 90’s and above, 78 will feel cool and the cost to maintain that temperature is much lower. This is also based on personal preference, of course!
What does a A/C Tune-Up include?

A/C Tune-Up and Safety Check includes

  • Check compressor amp draw
  • Check operation sequence
  • Inspect condenser coil
  • Measure temperature drop
  • Check valves
  • Check thermostat
  • Check contactor
  • Check motor capacitor
  • Check compressor capacitor
  • Check relays
  • Check drainage
  • Check motor amp draw
  • Check freon/refrigerant levels
  • Check and inspect electrical
  • Lubricate any accessible moving parts
  • Check discharge
  • Check overall operations ensuring that your system shuts down properly; preventing future issues.

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