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Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating offers homeowners in the Westerville area and throughout the Greater Columbus areas the best deals on UV Lights for HVAC equipment and indoor air quality. UV Lamps work with your HVAC system to make the air quality in your home much healthier. This is because these ultraviolet lights sanitize your air supply killing airborne microscopic organisms that might be recirculating in your home’s air supply. This nasty stuff like mold, viruses, bacteria, microbes, pathogens and mildew. When a UV light application is properly installed in an HVAC system by one of our air quality experts, the light neutralizes contaminants that have made their way into your air ducts.

UV lights are a great option for those who are looking for something more than just an air filter to clean the air they breathe. If you’re interested in finding out more about how ultraviolet lights can improve the health of your family and pets, give us a call today at:

UV Lights in Westerville, Ohio

What is a Residential UV Light System?

At Air Quality Specialists, we provide high-quality indoor air quality products for your home HVAC unit. Whether you buy them as a discounted add-on to a new unit installation or purchase them to be installed into pre-existing equipment, UV lamps benefit your home heating and air conditioning equipment tremendously in addition to your home’s air quality. With brands like Reme HALO and Freshaire, we sell and install residential UV lamps that are top-quality for protection against harmful airborne particles. People who are vulnerable to allergens or other organic particles benefit greatly from having UV lamps installed in their homes. The lamps kill germs, bacteria, mold, viruses and much more!

Our Online UV Light Deal

Your local residential air quality experts here at Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating are making this online deal available for a limited time. To cash in this deal, fill out the form below to get your appointment set up right away. Once we have your information, we’ll reach out to you right away. 

$399 Blue Tube UV Germicidal Light System + Installation

$399 Blue Tube UV Germicidal Light System + Installation

Save $100 | Regularly $499
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  • 3 Benefits of UV Lights

    • Better Airflow — When it comes to HVAC equipment, airflow is essential. Airflow is a high priority with all types of home heating and cooling equipment. Since the 1990s, Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology has been used in heating and cooling systems and the effect has been beneficial across the board. Essentially, UV lights improve indoor air quality by killing pathogens and germs and helping to eliminate excessive moisture. This improves the airflow, which has massive benefits.
    • Kills Mold And Mildew— You’d be surprised by how common fungal contamination is around HVAC equipment in modern homes. Unfortunately, mold and mildew are things homeowners cannot afford to neglect or ignore. Fungal contamination spreads allergic rhinitis, infectious diseases as well as other microscopic organisms that cause problems for people with asthma and other diseases. 
    • Prevents Illness — Heating and cooling equipment circulates air throughout every part of a home or building. If you have multiple residents in the home and someone becomes ill, the airflow can circulate airborne bacteria and viruses to healthy individuals in other parts of the home or building. However, UV lighting eliminates organic buildup on cooling coils, drain pipes, and inside the air ducts.

    Blue Tube Germicidal Light System Installation Deal

    When it comes to indoor air quality in the Greater Columbus area, no one does it like Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating, your top-rated source for heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality. If you’d like to use the power of ultraviolet light to clean your indoor air supply and keep it free of bacteria and virus, you should check out our special offer for Blue Tube Germicidal UV Lights for your Westerville, Ohio area home. Working in conjunction with your HVAC system, these UV Lamps make a huge difference and help improve residential air quality.

    We Service All Brands of Equipment

    We can service any brand of HVAC equipment, even if we didn’t install your system originally. Here’s a few of the trusted brands we work with directly:

    Carrier Global
    Rheem Manufacturing
    Trane Supply
    Lennox | Lennox Residential
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    With the power of ultraviolet light radiation, the UV-C light sanitizes the air as it passes through the return air duct. Inside the equipment the reflective surfaces inside that section of the ductwork, the UV-C light is maximized in all directions, making it more efficient. Air sterilization from a UV light is also known as an In-Duct UVC system or ductwork UV Lamp.

    When you install ultraviolet lamps in an air conditioning system, it offers you a wide range of benefits. Among those benefits, the UV Lights will boost the unit’s efficiency while significantly reducing home cooling costs. As an added bonus, this is also good for the environment as well.

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