What Is Indoor Air Quality & Why Is It Important?

Mar 25, 2022 | Air Filter, Blog, HVAC, IAQ, Indoor Air Qualitys, OH, Ohio, Ultra Violet Lights, UV Light, Westerville

If you ask someone who lives in Ohio why they live here in this state, you will find that most of us stay for family/familiarity or to experience all of the seasons. But we also know that living through the four seasons includes a lot of back and forth weather as we transition from one season to the next. With that said, we must prepare for the unpredictable weather to remain comfortable in our home environments. We do this by focusing our attention on bettering our indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ refers to the air quality inside one’s home and how it relates to you and your loved one’s health and comfort. At Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating, we would love to help you improve your indoor air quality. Let’s start by thinking more about some devices we can implement inside your home, including air filters, the iWave-R, UV lights, and air handlers.

What are the Benefits of an Air Filter?

Air filters are often installed with your HVAC system because the technology has proven time and time again to create a better environment for those living within the home. Bettering your indoor air quality will dramatically improve your health and comfort. Air filtration sufficiently reduces the risk for airborne illnesses, allergy, and asthma symptoms; extends your AC’s lifespan, helps protect the immune-compromised, creates a better smelling environment, improves sleep, makes climate control more accessible; and makes housekeeping a breeze!

What are the Benefits of the Iwave-R?

The iWave-R is an air purifier that reduces allergens, bacteria, smoke, odors, and static. When professionally installed, the iWave-R can be positioned into your home quickly and effectively, with no further maintenance necessary. In addition, the iWave-R can universally mount any HVAC system, no matter the make or model; this helps guarantee that the installation doesn’t take too long, adding to your installation expenses. 

By way of ionization, a fancy way to say transferring energy to matter, the iWave-R generates over 160 million ions, making it a top runner for the most effective air purifier on the market! We breathe in many unknown particles that we might not even be aware of; Therefore, we must be vigilant to purify the air, killing bacteria, viruses, mold, etc. Ionization also aids in reducing allergens, smoke, odors, and other particles from the air pool.

What are the Benefits of UV Lights?

Another device available at your disposal is UV lights. UV lights purify the air, destroy mold and bacteria, and funnel clean air into the HVAC system for circulation. UV lights emit a light that destroys their DNA parts and pieces. As a result, the contaminant will not be able to regenerate itself and will no longer be a threat to you and your family! Unlike the iWave-R, UV lights do not universally fit all HVAC systems. For this reason, it would be in your best interest to first consult with one of our experts at Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating so that we may assist you further!

What is an Air Handler?

An air handler works hand-in-hand with your HVAC system to cool and heat your home by moving around the air within. For example, an air handler will most likely be a part of your HVAC system if you’re looking to utilize an electric heat pump in your home. On the other hand, if you have a furnace, you probably won’t need an air handler because furnaces have built-in blowers to help circulate warm air throughout your home. Air handlers keep your home clean and comfortable regardless of the season by managing the overall airflow within your home.

We know all of these options can feel overwhelming; however, here at Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating, we want you to find solace in your decision-making. So, if you are still unsure what equipment is suitable for you and your home’s needs, call us today at (614) 810-0075, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!
Whether you’re adding on to your current HVAC system or completely starting anew, we would love nothing more than to assist you in confidently making the best choice for you and your loved ones!