Tips & Tricks to Prepare Your A/C for the Winter

Aug 27, 2021 | HVAC

Fall is right around the corner, and the temperatures have already started dropping, which means it’s time to start getting your home ready for the colder seasons. Unfortunately, more often than not, when folks are checking off their checklist for getting their homes prepared for the winter, it can be easy for homeowners to forget to winterize the AC. It may seem like a bit of work, but the payoff is worth having a fully operating AC for the next spring season. 

Take these steps to prepare your AC for the winter season:

Inspect and Repair AC 

Before shutting down for the winter, you want to ensure that your AC is healthy and operating well. Be sure to inspect and manage any damages or maintenance issues that need to be addressed on your equipment. When these issues are ignored or overlooked, your equipment is prone to more damages or the possibility of not turning on by next spring. 

Shutting Down Your AC

Shutting down your AC does not only consist of switching the power off to the indoor unit. Your AC needs to be completely turned from the outdoor condenser as well. By only switching the power off indoors, your outdoor condenser has the possibility of switching on in the case of a warm spell, which can cause your outdoor equipment to suck in ice or snow. To completely shut down all of your AC equipment, find your AC’s fuse switch and turn it off. You can typically locate this switch under the flip-up lid near the outdoor condenser or on the side of your house. Just don’t forget to flip the switch back on when spring comes back around.

Cleaning and Covering Up Your Outdoor Condenser 

When you have completely shut down all of your AC equipment, you should take the next step to clean the outdoor condenser and the area around it. First, take a broom and sweep up debris, dirt, leaves, branches in and around or on the outdoor condenser. Next, use a garden house and lightly wash off your outside unit. While your equipment is drying, examine your outdoor condenser for a second time to ensure there are no damages, loose seals or if there is a need for a new air filter. If you come across any damages, call a professional right away to service any repairs your equipment may need. Finally, you will cover your equipment. You can use a cover or a waterproof tarp and bungee cords to protect your equipment. Covers for outdoor AC unit condensers can be found at most hardware stores. Covering your outdoor equipment will protect it from the brutal winter weather.

By taking these steps to protect and prepare your AC for the winter season, you’re guaranteed to start feeling comfortable and ready for the following spring and summer season. 

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