Tips to Extend the life of your AC

Jul 23, 2021 | HVAC

When a homeowner invests in a well installed air conditioning system and consistently keeps up with the equipment maintenance, it can serve your household for many years to come. Unfortunately, the older an AC gets the more likely it is to be exposed to inevitable repairs and sometimes lack of routine maintenance. To ensure a long life for your air conditioner, here are some helpful tips from our NATE-certified technicians at Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating.

Routine Maintenance

When a professional HVAC technician installs an AC properly it should not require constant upkeep unless you’re changing filters. Once yearly, routine maintenance should be scheduled on your AC. Scheduling routine maintenance can help prevent inevitable repairs and save energy costs in your home.

Inspect Your Condenser

If you do not keep an eye on it, the condenser on your AC can easily get damaged especially with it being located outside. With the location of your condenser, it can be easily forgotten about and without you knowing, can sustain damage from days to weeks. To prevent inevitable problems for your condenser, make sure to perform inspections occasionally to clean on or around the equipment that can affect its ability to function properly.

Change the Filter Regularly

Having a clean air filter in your air conditioner is an important role in keeping the air your family and you breathe in your home clean. When dirty air filters stay in AC’s too long, it can cause clogs from dirt and debris causing your system to overwork to keep your home clean. This strain on your AC’s equipment can cause your equipment to lose years off of its life in no time. Ensuring you check your air filters every month and replace them at least every three months can cause a significant difference in the way your AC functions.

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