Happy April Fools’ Day! Today, it’s important to be alert for simple jokes and pranks that test your gullibility. While the origins of this day remain a mystery, many people worldwide enjoy it for the sake of harmless fun and lighthearted laughs – nothing wrong with that! However, as your trusted heating and cooling professionals, we’re taking a different approach! Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating is here to debunk some HVAC myths. With so much information available, distinguishing fact from fiction can be tough. Count on us to clarify common misconceptions together. 

Myth 1 – “You Can Install Your Thermostat Anywhere”   

One common HVAC myth revolves around the thermostat’s location – some believe its placement doesn’t make a difference. However, where you put it DOES matter. Let’s debunk this myth! Here’s why: Your thermostat senses your home’s temperature and directs your HVAC system. So, picture this: If the thermostat is installed near a heat source like a fireplace, in the line of direct sunlight, or drafts like windows or doors, it can provide inaccurate temperature readings to your system. This disrupts airflow, causing issues. So, placing it just anywhere without considering certain factors can ultimately confuse the system and lead to problems. 

Homeowners should position their thermostats on interior walls, away from heat sources or drafty areas. Avoid placing them near windows or exterior doors; hallways are a good choice. If you need to install a new thermostat or move an existing one, it’s best to contact a certified professional. 

Myth 2 – “You Can Set Your Temperature Lower or Higher to Make It Work Faster”     

There’s a common belief that changing your thermostat temperature drastically speeds up heating or cooling. The truth is that HVAC systems operate at a consistent airflow rate regardless of the setting. So, adjusting the temperature won’t make your space comfortable any quicker. In fact, it just wastes energy by overshooting the desired temperature. Instead, set your preferred temperature and let your HVAC system work efficiently. 

If you often face this problem and desire your home to have a set temperature at specific times, consider getting a smart thermostat. You can conveniently control the temperature from your phone, ensuring comfort upon your return. Additionally, you can also sync it to coincide with your routine for automatic adjustments.  

Myth 3 – “You Don’t Need to Change Your Air Filters Often”   

No! Don’t believe this myth! Changing air filters is crucial! Some people underestimate the importance of replacing HVAC system filters regularly. Let’s clarify – sticking to routine filter changes is essential and highly advantageous! Your system works continuously to maintain airflow throughout your home. Air filters are placed as a part of your HVAC system intentionally to prevent harmful particles and dust from causing problems. Moreover, filtering out these contaminants enhances your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). As such, neglecting these issues can severely impact your IAQ and potentially harm your HVAC system. 

To manage this, make sure to replace your air filters every 1-2 months, as recommended. Keep safe and healthy by consistently changing those air filters! 

4 – “You Don’t Need to Schedule Your Seasonal Maintenance Bi-annually”   

Again – not true! Many overlook the importance of preventative maintenance. While it may seem like a typical business strategy, caring for your HVAC units is VERY crucial. Your AC and furnace work tirelessly to keep your home comfortable and require regular maintenance to operate efficiently and last longer. Just like your vehicles need certain services to keep them operating in peak condition, the same goes for your HVAC system. 

As a homeowner, it’s wise to ensure your units are ready for the changing seasons. Remember to schedule furnace check-ups annually in early fall and AC check-ups once a year in late spring or early summer. On top of all that, staying current with these checks also maintains your equipment manufacturer’s warranty.   


We hope that this HVAC blog has clarified some points for you and helps you with maintaining your home’s HVAC system effectively. Don’t be fooled into believing all the misinformation out there. In truth, distinguishing the truths about HVAC care can be challenging, but we’re here to support you! Interested in more HVAC care tips? Don’t hesitate to explore our other helpful blogs! 

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