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If you’ve been pondering when you should upgrade your AC, now is the perfect time to replace your AC before you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation during the hot summer months. You can make sure your home is prepared for the summer months ahead with a reliable cooling system that won’t let you down! We understand that making this decision can be intimidating, but Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating is here for you. We pride ourselves on being your local experts when it comes to heating and cooling solutions. So, let us help provide you with all the information you need so that you can make an informed choice for yourself, your family members, and your home. 



Have you thought about the age of your air conditioner? With consistent maintenance and care, an AC unit can last up to 17 years. Just like a car, regular check-ups are essential for optimal performance now as well as in future seasons. So, investing in yearly inspections and tune-ups is worth it. Of course, this averaged timeframe is just a generalized period. But it will give you a good idea as to whether or not you should start looking into your upgrade options depending on your unit’s age. 


If your air conditioner has stopped regulating temperatures, leading to an uncomfortable home atmosphere and high energy bills, then it may be time for a new AC unit. A well-functioning air conditioning system is not only capable of cooling your house but also maintaining the desired temperature in order to ensure maximum comfort and longevity. So, investing in a new AC may just save you from discomfort and high energy bills. If this is something you are currently dealing with, then we highly recommend at least looking over your upgrade options. 


It may appear to be an astute financial decision in the present, but repairing your air conditioner several times over can lead to additional costs later on and leave you with a unit that’s past its prime. Thus, when deciding whether or not it is time for a new AC system or continuing repairs, remember not to let immediate savings divert you from making the most economical decision. Make sure this a factor you consider in your overall costs. 


Do you have high energy bills every month? Studies show that cooling usage can be responsible for up to 46% of your monthly energy bill. If this percentage aligns with your own usage, maybe it’s time to think about upgrading your air conditioning system and start seeing a significant decrease in those expensive energy costs! Also, remember that while this is unfortunate, it’s normal to expect your AC bills to go up as time passes and its usage increases. Regular wear and tear happen. Over time, it is normal for air conditioners to work harder to be able to keep a comfortable temperature, ultimately causing those electricity bills to skyrocket! So, with that in mind, protect yourself from this mistake by planning ahead and remembering these possible expenses when making your final decision. 

R22 Refrigerant:    

The EPA has forbidden R22 refrigerant due to its perilous effects on the environment, making older cooling systems that require it hard to refill with affordable, compatible, and compliant-friendly freon. Therefore, when you are deciding whether or not to replace or upgrade an older system that requires an R22-type refrigerant, make sure you take these potential costs into account. 

But don’t lose heart! There’s still a silver lining! By investing in a modern, energy-efficient AC unit, you can benefit from better indoor air quality for your home and your family. The minimized carbon emissions from this type of system will improve IAQ in your home – an advantage we deem worth considering. 

If you’re still uncertain about replacing your AC unit, we hope this article has given you new insight. If you have any further questions, feel free to call Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating today at (614) 810-0075 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here