Jan 9, 2023 | Furnace, Burner, Flame, HVAC, Lighter, OH, Pilot, Pilot Light, Reset, Westerville

If you’re feeling cool air instead of heat emanating from your furnace, don’t stress. The probable cause is that your pilot light is out. No need to panic just yet, though! Fortunately, relighting a pilot light is a quick fix. Using the simple steps below from Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating will help you understand how to reignite your pilot light by yourself. Just make sure to read and follow each step in order to avoid any possible safety risks. 

Oftentimes, manufacturers that create furnaces will place instructions on the side of each unit for customers who need to know how to relight their pilot. You should always follow the manufacturer’s directions when possible. But if you are having trouble reading the labels or if your unit is in a difficult-to-reach area, keep reading for some general tips: 

1. Your first step is to find your furnace’s pilot light. Keep in mind, you might need to take off the burner cover if your furnace has one. Once you’ve found it, turn the gas valve to the “off” position. This should be located close by. Please remember this safety measure; it will cut off any gas flow toward the pilot light. If there is an accumulation of gas in one area, it could have harmful consequences for those nearby. So, make sure you remember this tip! 

2. Next, you’ll want to find the furnace power button. It’s typically located near the bottom of most furnaces. Once you’ve found it, go ahead and turn it off.  

3. For your safety, please wait a few minutes for the gas to dissipate before relighting the pilot light. Five minutes is the recommended waiting period, as bypassing this crucial step could result in either a fire or an explosion.  

4. After 5 minutes have passed, on the pilot light assembly, turn the “pilot” switch on. Then press the “reset” switch and keep holding it down. While you are pressing it, approach the pilot light opening with an ignited long-reaching lighter or long match.  Keep holding down the “reset” button and slowly bring the ignited lighter close until it ignites the pilot flame. Be careful! Once you see that tiny spark of fire in the pilot light appear, then you can release your grip on the switch. From this moment, your pilot light should remain lit. 

5. It’s important to remember to turn your gas supply back on again after confirming the pilot light continues to remain ablaze. 

6. If your furnace does have a burner cover that you had to remove, remember to place it back on.  

After you follow these steps, your home will feel warm and comfortable again in no time. However, if the pilot light still does not stay lit upon release of the “pilot” switch, there might be an issue with a component. If that’s the case, then it’s time to reach out to an HVAC professional because they’ll know how to safely determine what is wrong and replace any faulty components. 

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