6 Ways to Reduce your Air Conditioner Costs and Save Big During in Westerville, Ohio

Aug 13, 2019 | Uncategorized

Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner with a Higher Efficiency Air Conditioner

One of the best ways to save money in the future would be to buy a whole new unit. When you have someone come out to look at your unit, and you hear the pricing of what a new one might cost, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, remember, you would be saving money in the long run even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. Take your vehicle for example. Your mechanic tells you that your car needs a brands new engine, costing way more than you anticipated to spend. But by adding this brand new, efficient part to your car, you realize you’ll save money on gas and maintenance down the road. Look at your AC unit in your home the same way. Your monthly bill will start to decrease, and once the unit is paid off, you will see a vast difference in the monthly expenses.

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Using Fans and Giving Your AC a Break

Fans will keep the air flowing around the house, which in turn, will keep it cool even without the AC running. Giving the unit a break and letting it sit can help prevent AC wear and tear. It’s like turning off a warm phone to let it cool down. Plus, fans use much less electricity than your air conditioner

Opening Windows at Night

In the spring and fall, (sometimes even summer if it is cooler) it’s best to open the windows at night. This will prevent your air conditioner from running when it’s unneeded. Giving your unit the rest that it needs can help it in the long run.

Turn Unit Off When You’re Not Home

Why keep your unit running when you are not home? If its a cool day, or if you might be gone for the weekend, why don’t you run fans to keep the cold air around longer. Fans help keep your house cool without maxing out your electric bills.

Cook Outside

It’s summer, and cooking outside is a fun way to connect with others. It also helps prevent you from heating up your house on an already warm day. Hot air rises, so it’s going to make your upstairs much warmer than it might already once was. Grab a beer and cook some burgers with your neighbors, then come back inside to cool, refreshing air temperatures in your home!

Paint Your Roof a Light Color

When looking for a new color to paint your roof, make sure you pick a light tint. A dark roof color can attract a lot of heat. The darker your roof is, the harder your AC system will have to work. When getting a new roof, keep this in mind.

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