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How Can You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

Jun 17, 2022 | Sleep, Blog, OH, Ohio, Temperature, Thermostat, Tips & Tricks, Westerville

An inconsistent bedtime, eating a large meal, or having caffeine before bed are a few behaviors that may contribute to poor sleep. The fact remains that your environment also considerably impacts your sleep quality. So how do we remedy this? How can we ensure we live in a home environment ideal for high-quality sleep? While there can be numerous indoor environmental factors influencing your sleep, our crew at Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating wants to help you get a jump start on your quest to attain better sleep.

What Blankets Are Ideal For Summer?

We are all different, so our choices for blankets can differ as well. What one defines as comfortable may vary from another. So instead of pointing to just one specific blanket, here are some criteria you should be on the watch for when searching for a good summer blanket:

  • Is the Blanket Lightweight? Lightweight blankets have a thinner structure than common-day comforters. They are often soft yet breathable and, thus, can remain ideal for year-round comfort.
  • Is the Blanket 100% Cotton? The choice fabric for the majority of summer blankets is 100% cotton. Cotton is suitable for summer weather as it is highly breathable, allows adequate airflow, and provides for cooler sleep. Additionally, cotton is also absorbent, which is fantastic for avoiding feeling hot and sweaty during those warm summer nights. 
  • Is the Cooling Blanket Weighted? If you haven’t used a weighted blanket, I recommend trying one out! Weighted blankets soothe the nervous system and can even support relaxation for those struggling with anxiety or depression. However, do not disregard the material when selecting a weighted blanket for summer. Ensure it is a weighted “cooling” blanket. Moisture-wicking properties in viscose and cotton help retain a comfortable sleeping temperature, with the ideal temperature for high-quality sleep being around 60-67°F.

What Benefits Does a Dehumidifier Offer Sleep?

Operating a dehumidifier is a terrific antidote for decreasing the moisture level in the air during Ohio’s muggy summer months, by bettering the odds of relaxed and prosperous sleep. Using fans amongst using a dehumidifier can very much improve sleeping results. Other benefits include enhanced air quality, a lessened quantity of dust mites, cooler feeling temperature, mold prevention, and affordable options for various room sizes. It is valuable to note that removing too much moisture from the air during summer can introduce more troubles. Accordingly, it’s essential to discern what humidity your home demands, which Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating can help you discover.

Do Blackout Curtains Promote Better Sleep?

Most definitely! Blackout curtains’ distinct design blocks light, lowers energy costs, and sometimes blocks noise. Darkness is fundamental for our bodies to sleep—this absence of light signals the body to rest. Also, people who live on a night shift schedule can undergo health problems due to their abnormal sleeping habits. These curtains can make the mind believe it is night, limiting these problems. There are brands of blackout curtains that insist their products have the ability to cancel up to 40% of disruptive noise. If you think that’s nifty, you will be pleased to learn that blackout curtains lower utility bills and greenhouse gases by shutting out light and heat during the summer, making blackout curtains quite an investment!

Regardless of what tips and tricks you implement this summer to keep comfortable, and improve your sleep, count on Westerville Air Conditioning & Heating for your HVAC summer demands. Our crew of professionals can get your home to the preferred conditions essential for some much-needed respite. Call today at (614) 810-0075, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We stay relatively busy during the summer months due to Ohio’s hot temperatures being rather demanding, so don’t delay!

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